Flower Planting Tips: Off to the Right Start

“There is no spot of ground, however arid, bare or ugly, that cannot be tamed into such a state as may give an impression of beauty and delight.”– Gertrude Jekyll

— Make sure you’ve got healthy soil with plenty of organic material and an appropriate pH level.

— It is best to plant your flowers, trees and shrubs on a cool or cloudy day to minimize the stress of transplanting. Planting in the early morning or late afternoon also helps.

— Most flowers should be planted in the spring. Some plants can be planted during other times of the year. Ask your local nurseries for planting tips on the specific plants you want to use.

— Dig a hole in your freshly worked soil. Put the soil aside to fill the hole back in later. The diameter should be about twice the diameter of the root ball but the same height as the root ball.

— Take out the plant from its container, and gently work you hand over the root ball to stimulate the roots. For trees and shrubs, remove any wires, burlap, etc. from the root ball after taking your plant out of the container.

— Place the plant in the hole. Make sure it’s positioned at the correct soil line. It’s very important to place the roots at the proper level so that the plant’s roots aren’t exposed and the foliage of low-lying plants doesn’t get too wet. Some plants such as strawberries are subject to rot if their foliage is planted so that it remains wet.

— Fill the hole about half full with the original soil.

— Gently pack the soil to remove any trapped air.

— Give the plant a good drink.

— Top off the hole with soil, pack it again, and water one more time.

— You can build up a small berm of soil in the shape of a circle around the hole so that your watering is more effective.

— Cover the base of the plant with a good mulch. You can use recycled garden materials such as leaves, bark, nut shells, hay, grass clippings, etc. See here for information on mulching.

— After planting, follow the watering instructions appropriate to your plant. Keep your plants well watered for the first year until they establish a good root system.

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Katherone May 31, 2011 at 12:32 am

w hy have the leaves on my marigold plants turned purple instead of green?


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